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Swarthatun Paramarthakade by Charles Handy

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There is so much controversy in this world. On one hand, one third of the total workers are without any work. On the other hand, two third of the world trade is concentrated with only 500 of the companies all over the world. These companies are answerable to the share holders. On the background of this controversy and uncertainty, Charles Henry earnestly pens down the need of creating a future which will be more certain than the current easily shakable culture and values. This book gives an initiative. It expresses the authenticity of the writer and his thoughts, at the same time, it provokes our houghts.The wonderful part of it is the optimism. Wherever the reading of this book is done I am sure it will create an atmosphere of difference of opinions and arguments. "Once again Charles Handy: The Hungry Spirit is the moral of the author`s life. This is in a way his personal approach so as to stand firmly rooted in the world of capitalism. His style is different, he does not lecture us about anything, on the contrary with the help of small stories he elaborates his point making it very interesting. His intellectual thinking is revealed on each of the page of this book." People`s Management: "The Hungry Spirit: is a research work on the industry, trade and social problems. It is a highly effective and intelligent presentation of the problems." Modern Management: "Charles Handy is the one and only management boss of Britain." Director Magazine: At last, Charles Handy is an author; he is also an effective and most popular speaker on the radio and T.V. More than 10 lac copies of his book have been sold.

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