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Swapnatil Chandane by Ratnakar Matkari

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He was just 20 years old when he wrote his first fairy tale, `The Fairy With Golden Mind`. It was actually a love story written by one youth for all the youngsters. Then he kept on writing one story after another, initially they all sounded to be fairy tales, but each one was a love story, each having a unique flow of language, with a rhythm, with a chime, with such a picturesque description that each sounded to be happening in front of our very eyes, rolling fast like a movie. Some stories were a perfect combination of light and figures. Matkari`s words possess such immense power. Truly speaking fairy tales are not only for the children, they are actually meant for the young minds. Those grownup young minds who can feel the poetic aspect of life, who can sense the beauty around, who want to pursue their dreams, who want to colour the canvas of their lives with all the shades of sadness and happiness in perfect harmony. This fairy tale will work as love poems for those minds. Love possesses divine happiness, it carries the immense pain of separation. But love is more than the happiness and pain. It is beyond understanding. It is sacrifice, it is paying, it is changing inside out, it is a colourful existence. Everyone who was in love, is in love and will be in love must read these stories. These are the only of its type written by Matkari. He never handled this form thereafter. These stories are the proof of his skills as a romantic writer.

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