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Suvarnakan by V S Khandekar

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his is the collection of meteors by Khalil Gibran translated by Khandekar. One might think that Gibran follows Eosep`s style of writing, when one reads stories like Kolha, Shahana Kutra and Teen Mungya. Actually Gibran has acquired the skill to show the irrelevancy in a man`s nature by clothing the animals and birds in a humanly way. Every meteorist does acquire this skill to a certain extent. Gibran has a wide vision for life, which is his peculiar characteristic feature. His stories show the good and bad sides very tenderly. But that is not the secret of his success. His meteors have the ability to conquer the highest peaks effortlessly. He very easily & simply distinguishes the conflict between personal life and social life. He realises that true happiness and well being is possible only if every single person and the society together accept the new values and virutes. He tries to present these new values and virtues through his meteors. He realises that man is not for philosophy but philosophy is for man. He has ability of poet, critics and philosopher which makes him capable of producing unique literature.

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