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Susanghatit Mara by N. R. Vadnap

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Respected Vadnap, I went through both your manuscripts, `Susanghatit Mara` and `Chakave`. I was very much impressed by them. I am sure that both these books will be equally famous following the line of your previous books. The learners will be greatly benefitted by going through this book `Susanghatit Mara`; they will be able to improve their game a lot. The reading and understanding of the other book, `Chakave` will help them to win their games in a more better way. Through this letter, I wish you all the best for a healthy and prosperous life and I also truly hope that you will continue writing such books to guide the students. Yours sincerely, Raghunandan: Trainer In Chess: Felicitated by Dronacharya Award in 1986.

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