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Suryakamle by V S Khandekar

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The stories in this book were written 15-20 years back before they were published. When the author went through them before publishing he was astonished with them. His mindseet was very much different than that earlier. He wanted to alter the stories, but stopped himself from doing so. He had a strange mixture of feelings. He felt that those were his story but yet he didn`t know them. He realised that time changes a person inside-outside. At moments, he thought that the author of the stories. i.e. he himself then was a different person from what he was now. His mindset had changed completely. He felt a pity as he could not X-rayed his mind then and now. His style during his early years as a story writer was similar to Ram Ganesh Gadkari. At some places, his stories exagerrate a lot. Still the author did not make any changes in his stories after 10 years, because he believed that after a long time the changes that take place inside one`s mind will harm the core of the story and he also realised that for an author also it will be difficult to experience the same feeling which prevailed his mind while originally writing the story. That illusion which creates a story is not a slave. So correcting or changing the story to make it better might damage it actually. Hence, the author did not change any of the stories while publishing them 15-20 years after writing them.

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