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Sundar Aapli Fulbaug by A. B. Patil

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The prices of land have touched the skies on one side and on the other the skyscrapers are competing the skies in big cities. Bungalow is still a dream while the ownership flats are the fact. No one has a perfect idea about gardening in house or on the free land surrounding our bungalow. This book is especially for those nature lovers to have a garden in houses, in balconies, on terraces etc. This book will guide you about the variety of plants to be chosen, the proper way of planting, caring and nurturing plants. There is a pleasure in having our own garden, caring for it, seeing the blossom, the fruits on it. Trees and plants with its blossom have the power to take away the physical as well as mental tensions from us. The physical exertion while caring for the plants during gardening will help us to improve our health; this is an additional benefit from the garden. Have a garden, small or big, have plants around you indoor or outdoor, in the open space or the pots, hanging or in balconies, in empty cartons or buckets. Then look after the garden well with a scientific approach, be with nature as much as you can, be happy, be healthy.

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