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Sukhad Balsangopan by Dr. Ratnavali Datar

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Motherhood is the most beautiful natural manifestation of all. Yet, the most surprising part of it is those who have been blessed by being a mother do not seem to realise this, but those upon whom this blessing has not been conferred upon, realise is strongly. Much has been written about the motherhood and the relation between a child and a mother. A child confers the title of mother upon a woman and she as if realising this does her best to give the child the best. Today`s woman is much independent. The family trend has changed to a more nuclear one, there is hardly any elderly person around to guide when much needed. Though, each mother and father have the capacity and their own ideas to raise their child, sometimes counselling is much necessary. Realising this, Dr. Datar has come up with this book which can act as a guide. It is in a very simple and narrative language making it easy to understand and grasp the content. It starts with the birth of a child and then follows the milestones up to two years. It shades much light on the areas like language development, potty training, the routine of the baby, hygiene, discipline, attitude, reactions, temper tantrum etc. Those parents who have recently adopted a child and are not sure how to treat the baby may also find this book very useful.

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