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Sukeshini Aani Etar Katha by Sudha Murty

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This is a story book written by Sudha Murti especially for the children. This book is a combination of some Indian and some foreign stories and yet some stories are a result of Sudha Murti`s own imagination. Here the cunning fox meets us in the form of a benevolent role. You will also meet the cow, monkey and the scarecrow who were all favoured by the grandfather and who still are still grateful for that. We will also come across many women who are not scared of any calamities. On the contrary, we will find them cool and maintaining their calmness through it. You will meet those young people who are gaining lots of money but are using that to help the needy and who themselves are still relying on their hard work. These stories will surely take you to a different world.

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