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Sthulatela Kara Tata by Dr. Ashish Borkar, Dr. Gauri Borkar

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Research on Obesity, by Dr. Ashish Borkar and Dr. Gauri Borkar is now available in book form. It is easy to overcome obesity if one adopts a three-pronged attack – a diet that matches your constitution and profession, regular exercise, and proper treatment. This book delves deeply into the complications of obesity and their treatment and also the worrying trend of childhood obesity that is on the rise. This book is unique in that it offers detailed advice about diet in various situations – daily diet, diet for days of fasting, diet to be followed in marriage reception banquets and what to eat if one goes to a restaurant. Many people find it difficult to spare time to go to a gym. This book comes with a DVD that demonstrates simple ‘fat-burn’ exercises for housewives, salaried employees, businessmen, as well as young boys and girls.

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