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Stephen Hawking: Quest for a Theory of Everything by Kitty Ferguson

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This is the story of one of the most remarkable figures of the twentieth century: Professor Stephen Hawking, the Cambridge University genius who has earned an international reputation as the most brilliant theoretical physicist since Einstein. His book A Brief History of Time has sold five and a half million copies worldwide and familiarized a whole generation with complex and intensely exciting scientific theories. When Kitty Ferguson approached Stephen Hawking with the idea of writing a book about him and asked him to make certain she understood his theories, he agreed to do so and in addition supplied her with material about his childhood and life. She also interviewed other eminent physicists about the next frontier of physics. The result is a book that is not a biography per se. Rather, it is the story of one man's quest to find the Theory of Everything--a theory that would be nothing short of an explanation of the universe and everything that happens in it. Illustrated with personal photographs and numerous charts and drawings, this book is an invaluable volume for all who would like to know more about the man and his work.

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