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Sparshkamale by Anand Yadav

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Adornment has a peculiar place in our life. But many a times, it portrays woman as a medium to satisfy hedonism and not as a person. This is not true. A woman has some special place. She has an existence beyond the lust, she has eternal beauty, which can be savoured without intermingling it with lust. The articles included under this book are written with this angle, to describe her beauty beautifully. To show her aestheticness. Throughout the articles she meets us in various forms, sometimes she is a charming baby angel, sometimes she is an innocent girl, sometimes a fully grown lady, sometimes as an elite lady of noble blood in a 9 yard saree, sometimes as a confident urban lady in a 6 yard saree. Sometimes, she is the `adimaya`, a close friend, a lover, a wife, a mother, and all the times a divine power caring for the manhood.

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