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Sparks Fly With The Billionaire by Marion Lennox

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A Daddy for her Sons

When bona fide playboy Connor McNair watched his best friend marry Jill Darling, he never expected a second chance with the girl who got away. Now she's a single mother and he's back to persuade her to give up her pastry company. It's just business…until Jill's sweet smile has Connor thinking about fatherhood and forever. But that's against all the rules…

Sparks Fly with the Billionaire Banker

Mathew Bond, the king of emotional detachment, wouldn't normally foreclose on a loan in person, but Sparkles Circus meant a lot to him once. Feisty Allie Miski won't allow a man in a suit to evict her family, no matter how gorgeous he is! But underneath this brooding billionaire's cold exterior, Allie's sure he has a heart of gold…

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