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Soneri Swapna Bhangaleli by V S Khandekar

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The Golden Dreams Shattered. Nanasaheb, when I see your candour about injustice in the society, I really envy you. I often feel that "this is how one should live life.` But then immediately my second mind snaps at me, saying, "people like you from the previous generation were living life in a dream world, beautiful in its own way. You believed that all the changes would take place on their own, without any struggle, without any efforts. But the fact is we cannot expect life to follow the calculative mathematical rules. The cultural values of this era have changed tremendously. You mentioned the cultural values. You were raised with the values suitable to the family life with its agricultural background. But today`s generation is different. They are living in a mechanical background. In the yester years, people were scared of god, religion. They followed the artificial rules not sacredly but with a fear in their mind. This young generation today is not scared of any such thing. Hence they do not care for it. Because the end of man is crystal clear. Whatever, we do or however we live, what is going to remain behind us is just a pinch of ash. So, everyone aims at snatching, grabbing as much happiness as possible. They have no other aim in their life. What you are saying is perfect principally, but nobody in today`s world wants to give a damn to any principle.

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