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Slumboy by Azharuddin Mohammed Ismael, Mouhssine Ennaimi

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"Yesterday evening, I went off to sleep without getting undressed. When I woke up, Ammi was sweeping the floor, raising dust more than anything else. I brushed my teeth and sat down on the rug in front of our hut, where my father sleeps. That was when I saw the man in black. He often comes asking the parents` permission to take their children for the shooting of bollywood films." Azhaaruddin lives in misery of one of the numerous slums in mumbai; where milliions of persons survive in their small huts built of brick or of metal sheets, with no water supply, in the middle of the gutters and wastes under the open sky. One day he was chosen to play the role of one of the heroes in the film `Slumdog Millionaire`, which won 8 Oscar Awards. Azharuddin`s story, beyond an unbelievable fairy tale, is also the story of all the children who grow up in these poor localities of the economic capital of India. The story is cowritten by mouhssine Ennaimi. A great reporter, specialist of India, he covers South Asia for Radio France as well as other francophone medias.

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