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Slow Journey South by Paula Constant

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When Paula Constant and her husband, Gary, break away from the conventional 9to5 routine in Australia, a few weeks lazing in a resort is not what they have in mind. What starts out as a daydream of 'a travel to end all travels' turns into something far greater: an epic yearlong 5000kilometre walk from Trafalgar Square in London to Morocco and the threshold of the Sahara Desert. Quite an ambition for an unfit woman who enjoys late nights sharing cigarettes and a few bottles of wine with friends. But if the arduous nature of walking over 25 kilometres a day through the landscapes and cultural labyrinths of France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco is overlooked in her excitement, then so too is the unexpected journey of selfdiscovery that lies beyond every bend. Both the companions she meets on the road and the road itself provide what no university can offer: a chance to experience life's simple truths face to face. Paula's transformation from an urban primary school teacher into a successful expeditioner is a true tale of an ordinary woman achieving something extraordinary.

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