Simplifying Financial Jargons by  unknown

Simplifying Financial Jargons by unknown

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Aiming to decipher the jargons involved in finance, this book illustrates a number of financial concepts through a series of conversations between a Professor and an assortment of people he meets in his everyday life.

Summary Of The Book

Finance for most initiated into it, represents a whirlwind of opportunity and risk. For those who haven’t been exposed to the financial market, it is only a matter of time before some combination of tax returns, hybrid financial products and equity returns catch up to them. It is a more judicious choice in light of this reality to be prepared while engaging in the world of finance. To know how to play poker it is important to know the functions of the cards in the deck. Similarly, finance is no different with the smaller brushstrokes painting the larger canvas with a number of profound implications.

Simplifying Financial Jargons With Professor Simply Simple is a book that has been written with the sole objective of expounding and demystifying the various jargons associated with the world of finance. The analysis of forty financial jargons that can evoke in readers a certain perspective to the world of financial instruments has been packed into this book clocking just over 200 pages.

In the book, the affable and weathered finance guru, Professor Simply Simple meets a number of people who alternately show some curiosity or crave a more insightful take on the different financial mechanisms. An enthusiast about the whirlwind that is finance, the Professor eagerly explains the concepts at the behest of those asking him questions.

Through a number of illustrations and an simple narrative in the form of a free flowing conversation between the Professor and various people, the book provides an overview into the many jargons and complex mechanisms that the world of finance is host to. With a 180-degree view of the concepts, there is a considerable digestion of the concepts at hand and readers can be ensured of a thoroughly enriching experience.

Aimed to educate and raise awareness among potential participants in financial markets, Simplifying Financial Jargons with Professor Simply Simple employs an engaging narrative structure interspersed with pictorial representations and simple analogies to ease readers into the financial environment. Across the fraternity of financial analysts however, some consider it inadequate and a whimsical treatise on the various concepts that are discussed in the book.

This book is a pickup guide that has been designed for anyone nursing a healthy curiosity about the world of finance. Published recently in 2011, the book has found a wide readership in a number of people trying to make the small steps towards understand the financial world better.

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