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Sigmund Freud's Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud

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Sigmund Freud's Interpretation Of Dreams is a book which was highly influential in the field of psychoanalysis. Published in the 20th century, it laid down the foundation of some of the most important concepts of psychoanalysis and served as a source of interpretation to many other psychologists who followed.

Sigmund Freud is perhaps one of the best known psychologists even to those who aren't acquainted with the field of psychology and is known as the founding father of psychoanalysis. He postulated that dreams are an attempt by the unconscious to resolve a conflict of some sort, a term he coined as "wish fulfillment." Freud's fame also extends to his theorization of the stages of psycho-sexual development and his formulation of the Oedipal complex.

The book discusses about Freud's theory of dreams, which he felt were the 'royal road to the unconscious'. The material for the dream analysis was provided by himself, as he analyzed his own dreams. By doing so, he recreated his childhood memories and discovered the roots of a lot of his own neuroses. Freud theorized that dreams are symbolic and attached multiple meanings to each dream. Images in a dream stood for something in reality and he often associated instincts and the biological drive with the nature of dreams. Interpretation Of Dreams provides an interesting insight into Freud's conceptualization of the world of dreams and the book can be read by even those who are not connected to the field of psychology.

The first edition was published in the year 2011 by Maple Press and is available in paperback.

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