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Shekra by Ranjeet Desai

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Shekara is an excellent and the last specimen of Ranjit Desai`s noteworthy ingenuity. Shekara is a kind of squirrel, grey coloured, with a black furry tail. It is famous for jumping from one tree to another. The main character of this novel is a lonely squirrel. This story takes place in the midst of a dense forest. Shekara roams throughout the jungle for its food, through all the regions and seasons. While doing so it observes other animals, their habits, their efforts to find food, their helplessness while struggling to stay alive. Shekara often withesses this, and itself becomes the prey to helplessness. Ranjit Desai has pictured the whole story through shekara`s eyes and mind. After reading the the book reader also feels that he/she is as lonely as the shekara. It compells a discreet reader to introspect once again.

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