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Shapit Vaastu by Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Chen Palace, a unique piece of architect in New England. It is not just any building which is constructed with bricks and soil, it has a history of those people who have stayed in this building since its construction, who themselves are so unique that they are known to be whimsical. The infrastructure itself has maintained a distance between itself and the rest of the village, always, right from the day it was constructed, or was it before construction itself? Always in seclusion, always wrapped in the mystic layers, passing through various phases of prosperity and decline, still maintaining the same distance from the villagers. The people staying here, what are they made up off? Do they have tender minds? Why are they so stonefaced? And how is it that one day they discover the tender feeling of love? The Cursed Palace keeps on moving on the unfathomable roads yet very swiftly engulfs the readers in its interiors.

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