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Second Lady by Irving Wallace

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Many a times we come across wonderful facts of life which are more fascinating than the fascinations. Two people resembling each other totally is a very very rare fact, but it may happen. Today in this world of cloning, science has created such mysteries that producing 100 people looking exactly the same is no more a fascination or dream. You must be remembering the well known petition of saint Bhoval. He was the prince of a state and had mysteriously disappeared from his state. He reappeared after a few years. His relatives thought that he is an imposter, a fraud, who has come to claim the riches of the princely state. This petition was dragged along for a long period of time. During the Peshwai reign, the imposter of Sadashivrao had reached Pune, but Nana Phadnis`s wits exposed him. This story of the Second Lady is also based on such situation. `Second Lady` is the story of the wife of the President of U.S.A. Till the end, we do not come to know about the real First Lady. The President himself does not realize that his real wife is changed with someone else. He does not come across a single thing which may reveal the true identity of the lady. Not only his social life but also his sex life goes on as before, in their usual style. This is a stunning novel, which leaves the readers in a dilemma at the end.

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