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Searching For Daddy by Christine Joanna Hart

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Christine`s childhood was desperately unhappy. She was given up for adoption by her mother when she was still a baby and placed in an orphanage. That was where her adoptive parents found her. But adoption was not a happy ending, it was just the start of a new nightmare for little Christine. Christine`s new parents were incredibly strict and very religious, but that didn`t stop her new mother from cruelly neglecting her or her new father from sexually abusing her. When Christine was just 10 years old, her parents declared they had had enough and sent her back to the orphanage. It was this act of dreadful betrayal that pushed her to breaking point. Feeling totally unloveable and abandoned, Christine began a desperate quest for the real father she had never known, the only parent she felt had never let her down. The orphanage looked in her records and told her that her father was a criminal and that was why her mother had given her up. From there a twisted path took her to the eventual belief that Ian Brady, the notorious Moors Murderer, was her father. It took years of heartbreak and therapy for Christine to free herself not just from the grip of a serial killer but also from the horror of her past. Now finally reunited with her real father she has happily completed her quest.

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