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Sarva by Vyankatesh Madgulkar

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We have two types of readers; those from urban areas and those from rural areas. At times, the urbanites are not familiar with some rural words, so also the ruralites are unfamiliar with some of the urban words. Sarava is the word from the rural areas. No ways, the urbanite would know it. In areas where groundnut, chana, wheat is yielded, some of the pods, corns or ears remain back in the field, as in case of groundnut, they remain underground. Picking up those leftovers means sarava. Those who know the importance of foodgrains are the people who go for sarava to pick up those leftovers. An author yields dramas, novels, short stories and so on. Once these forms are out of his mind, many a things linger in his mind in the form of sarava. I always say that an author should show some perseverance in catching those leftovers. Whatever is gathered in this process will surely be a mixture of nuts, soil, stones and at times empty shells. But then that is what the sarava is!

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