Sanvadini by  V P Kale (vapu)

Sanvadini by V P Kale (vapu)

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I reach home at 11 in the night; Urmila greets me in the most simple style and says, "oh! How tired you are`. This is what keeps me going. Her words and gesture make me forget my tiredness throughout the day. I get more energetic. I cannot tell you how important this simple sentence is. When your wife is very much tired after cooking a large meal for many guests she also needs only one sentence from her husband, just like the husband who returns home after a very busy and especially tiring day. We have problems, we try to find out the answers somewhere else, but cannot find it. The answer lies within us. The second side of the problem is actually the answer, we just need to reverse our direction. Why is that each and every story by Va Pu impresses us equally? What is so special about it? The answer is simple. Va Pu sees the things which we fail to see, he experiences in a way we never think. The sorrows, happiness, moments of pain and joy, the struggle in the busy schedule day after day, the various dilemmas at the job, the predicaments, the problems in sex life, ego, insults and many such things keep on happening all around us. But it takes a very sensitive mind like Va Pu`s to sense all this, to go through it as if our own, to put it down in words, and to present the best picture before us. He finds some sort of positive approach in each problem. He widens our horizons, he makes us more sanguine towards life, he is the friend, guide and philosopher in everyone`s life. He has opted a special style for the dialogues in this present book `Sanvadini`, as the name suggests.

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