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Sansmarane by Shanta Shelke

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This is a collection of the articles by Shantabai. She has appreciated various stories by various authors. She writes her views about `Changing`, the autobiographical article by the famous actress Leev Ulman. She also describes the very old autobiographical novel `Daivleela` by a Marathi author. She has written about Gandhiji, Madhav Julien, Tambe, Y. G. Joshi, Sharatchandra Punarvasu, and G. D. Madgulkar. She does not spare herself. She writes about her writing in detail. She describes the way through which she got familiar with the Sanskrit drama `Uttar Ram Charit`. She also jots down about the books she read at the very tender age.These articles will show the readers the various places in the field of literature of which they were not aware till today. All these articles reveal Shantabai`s love for literature and her curiosity about it.

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