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Sanket by Ranjeet Desai

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Sanket is yet another collection of short stories by Ranjit Desai. The stories assembled in this book were published earlier under another title. In the later years, however, they were not available for the readers. So a few of the stories based wholly on rural life were assembled again under the title "Sanket` and published by Mehta firstly in 1991 and secondly in 2006. In all, there are 12 stories in this book. Each story highlights a peculiar feature of the ruralites. One might think that these ruralites are very innocent, they are very cunning, very selfish, very helping, very... They are not just one quality or other. They are a mixture of qualities. As and when required the hidden emotions, hidden qualities come to the surface revealing the true nature of the bearer. Sometimes, their innocence is tested and sometimes their cunningness. But still the will to live is the basic nature behind every living thing and that reflects well in the lives of all these farmers and peasants. The author has charactrised animals as well which have a very noble place in all the ruralities minds. He describes this noble relationship between animals and human being very well.

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