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Sankarit by Sanjay Dhole

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There should not be only fantasy in the scientific stories, or science just for taste. There should be new, modern ideas of science, factual science, theories, also a touch of basic science. Along with this, some modern experiments, rules, science and technology in present and near future, should also be included in it. Importance should be given to both – science and fiction as well, thus, readers should experience the double bonanza. Dr. Sanjay Dhole’s scientific stories fit exactly in the above stated criteria. His stories cross the boundries of hardcore scientific stories, as they spread awareness and information about science and make readers to think on it, wisely ! His stories are based on various scientific ideas. His “Parivartan” story is based on the origin of cells and “Mohim Fatte” is based on its research. “Kolishtak” is based on spider farming. “Akalpit” is based on the harmful emissions from the rays. “Sankarit” is based on effects of purposively changes in the genes. “Astitva” describes an unimaginable experiment on a human being. “Udhvasta” is based on the inflammable characteristic of fire, and “Akher to paratala” is based on a canvas of memories.“Socker” is based on football. “Vicharvahan” is based on the production and influence of various thoughts in a human’s brain. “Durgamya” is based on ‘tunneling effect’ in Physics. He handles various scientific subjects in an effortless manner and narrates both the sides of the coin , explaning the boon and the curse part of science. His stories makes us think on a higher level. His stories are said to be rational and unique !!

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