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Sanjsavlya by V. S. Khandekar

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This is the last collection of Khandekar`s short essays. All these essays were written during 19741976, but were not composed and published till the year 2004. These essays have cultivated the Marathi minds with deliberate thoughtfulness, have sown the seeds of human values along with boundless earnestness. They helped in settling down the war in a human mind, in bringing down peace to a human mind which was badly affected by the conflict of dreams and reality; spirituality and science; sacrifice and enjoyment. Khandekar has always strived to find the eternal truth and to bring light of humanity in the temple of literature. He has tried to reveal the enigma that he had found on the unseen screen of life. These essays are written with an inclination to awaken the attitude; they are totally different from those written earlier. One must read them leisurely.

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