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Sand Storms, Summer Rains By Asha Iyer Kumar

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When the ambitious and starry-eyed Achu and the sober and subdued Mustafa embark on their individual journeys to Dubai, they have only one aim as do all others headed to the enticing desert land to earn money. Leaving their families in their villages in Kerala, south India, they go to earn riches that would place them in the distinguished and envied league of Gulfees back home. But the chimerical Gulf dream sours when tragedy strikes them in different ways, forcing them to reassess their priorities. As they lurch between love and money, life gives them lessons in endurance, sacrifice and relationships. They return to their homes to make an attempt at resuscitating their family edifices that are waiting to collapse, to try and give meaning to their personal lives that have begun to wither, and to repentantly mollify their troubled consciences. But can they salvage anything worthwhile from the debris of their already mangled lives? Sand Storms, Summer Rains is a moving narration of dreams and deprivations, sorrow and sacrifice, love and loss of two men and their families, a story that in the end prods us to evaluate our own priorities and preferences in a world that is incorrigibly materialistic. It is life watched at close quarters.

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