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Sanchit by Ranjeet Desai

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‘…Literature is not an independent entity. It is a sort of consort of something else. Human life is based on certain beliefs and values. Literature is based on these very beliefs and values. But an author’s own experiences and his vision of Life is not enough for the birth of literature. He is not just a presenter of realty. It is not as if every aspect of reality appeals to him. Some things touch him deeply and awaken his mind. It is such a mind, primed by a personal insight into reality that created literature when it is touched by idealism. The rays of the sun falling upon the surface of water do not produce a rainbow. It is only when the rays, reflected by the clouds pass through the myriad droplets of dew in the atmosphere, that we see the brilliant hues of the rainbow. When reality gets the magical touch of idealism, only then literature reaches a different dimension…! As the Chief Guest of various literary meets, Ranjit Desai has delivered many speeches that have touched upon classic literature and the inspirations behind it. This is a select collection of some of his speeches!

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