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Samrajya Burkhyamagche by Carmen Bin Laden

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11th September 2001- the eclipse to the light. This was the day when two airplanes attacked the twin towers of the World Trade Center, in New York. This caused panic not only in New York or the U.S.A. but also throughout the world. All those who had great concern about humanity were shattered beyond belief. When Carmen Bin Laden heard this news in Geneva, she lost her senses. All she could see in front of her eyes were the clouds of smoke gushing out of the twin towers; from the clouds arose the figure of Osama Bin Laden, her younger brother-in-law. She was terribly upset when her daughters were accused of helping Osama in this hideous job. The news channels, the news papers were all saying it again and again. Carmen had divorced her husband, Yeslam, years back with one intention in her mind, freedom for her daughters, and had settled down in Geneva. But the accusations created havoc in her life, not only hers but her daughters` lives were also at stake. She gave interviews to the news channels, to the news paper; she explained her aloofness from the Laden family, she made them realize that she and her family was no more a part of the Laden family. Very realistically, she presents some of her sweet and bitter memories during her stay in Saudi Arabia. This is the story of her fight, for the sake of her daughters and their happiness.

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