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Sambhramachya Lata by Ratnakar Matkari

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Nandita reached the graveyard through the darkness, somehow finding her way through the grief. She saw a burning pyre far away. The dim light of the pyre was circulated all around the graveyard. It was flickering, as if grasping breath. She is looking for somebody. She is sure that he had come over here. She knows that this is the world of all who are actually lost in the universe. How does one find out where one is lost in the flames of death? And what is getting lost actually? The soul becomes free and then it is not confined to one body. It dissolves in the surrounding. It is present in everything around yet not present, Oh! It is so confusing. Nandita was losing her sense. She climbed down the steps and came near the Ganga. Water; one of the five elements of life. She questioned herself, Was Nandan also dissolved in this water? Can I also dissolve with him in those five elements? Why not? I can see the vast river spread in front of me. This is a secret door, where will it open? If I walk through it, what will I see, whom will I come across with? Will I meet Nandan who is a part of this darkness now? This collection of Ratnakar Matkari`s suspense stories are built on the streamline of facts and the world beyond the facts.

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