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Sales Proposals Kit For Dummies® by Bob Kantin

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Did you skip Sales Proposals 101 in college? If your proposals put people to sleep, this book is your wake–up call. Sales Proposals Kit For Dummies will have you writing top–notch sales proposals and closing the deal in no time.

If part of your job is writing sales proposals, you know what a pain they can be. If you want your proposals to blow your audience away, let expert Bob Kantin show you how. With his advice, you’ll be creating sales proposals that prove your understanding of the buyer’s business, present a viable business solution, and demonstrate your ability to deliver the goods. With Sales Proposals Kit For Dummies, you’ll discover how to:

  • Write an unbeatable proposal
  • Get to know your buyer
  • Evaluate your proposal from the buyer’s perspective
  • Sell yourself and your organization

This book is loaded with information that will help you write winning proposals, whether you’re a first–time proposal writer or a seasoned sales professional. It presents a proven and effective sales proposal structure and content guidelines that work for any size or type of business. With simple, step–by–step instructions and delightful cartoons, Sales Proposals Kits For Dummies makes writing a sales proposal fun and easy. You’ll find out:

  • What every great proposal must include
  • How to make the boring stuff interesting
  • How to package and present the proposal
  • How to team with the buyer to design the perfect proposal
  • The differences between internal and external proposals
  • Ten things a buyer expects in a proposal
The book also includes a helpful CD–ROM packed with the specialized tools you need to develop perfect proposals, including a tool that lets you rate your proposal objectively and plenty of samples you can use for guidance. Whether you just want to sharpen your proposal–writing skills or you need help writing your first proposal, Sales Proposals Kit For Dummies is the friendly, straightforward guide that will help you land the big deal.

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