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Saadhi Yantre by D. S. Itokar

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In our day-to-day life we use various machines, some we are very familiar with, some we rarely use. Whatever the machine is, we are hardly aware of its making, maintenance and care to be taken. This book helps us to know more about all such machines. It has illustrations which help us understand the machine in detail. Today, we all are using the gas-stove-burner. But this book has picture of stoves with pump and wicks as well. We all are aware of energy saving strategies now. So, this book introduces us to solar gas or what is commonly known as Saur Chul. Not just grownups but the youngsters are also curious to know more about the household machines. If one is able to understand the mechanism then it becomes easy to repair the same in times of need. This book introduces us to kitchen appliances like tongs, adkitta, opener, washing machine, mixer-grinder and all. This book surely helps the young readers to learn a lot about these familiar appliances increasing their awareness and general knowledge. The book specifically aims at giving a scientific angle to the readers, young and old, equally. A must read book for all.

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