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Retire Rich Invest: Rs.40 A Day by P V Subramanyam

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Looking forward to be financially free? Or worried about retirement? Wondering if you can retire early? Curious if you can maintain your lifestyle in retirement? Retirement can easily be the years of Golden Sunset and it is easy to do it. In Retire Rich at Rs 40 a day, the author P.V. Subramanyam tells you why you need to plan for retirement even if you are 25 years away from retirement, the options available and how to make retirement a time it is truly meant to be a time for rest. Turn your retirement into golden with some basic simple steps. It of course depends on your health, the company you work for etc. After all, if you have that 'magical amount' why not retire early? The second chapter takes you through the steps and importance of planning and to the dangers of not planning. Like any financial goal, 'retirement' is also a goal and has to be approached in a financial planning mode. So 'Retirement Goal Setting' becomes a very important and is perhaps the first step in retirement planning. How much money is adequate for a person to retire? Here is a generic answer telling you what are the factors to consider while trying to answer this question. This chapter has many pointers and a calculator which leads you towards the answer. Remember this is not an answer cast in stone as the facts keep changing, so will your answer. Can you really retire by investing an amount as little as Rs. 40 a day? Yes, it is the power of compounding. If you do have 'n' or 'time' on your side, it is possible to retire on an amount as small as Rs. 40 a day. And the fantastic thing is that this small amount can be got by making very simple changes in your life style. We then deal with 'Annuity', the 'withdrawal' stage. After all if you have accumulated money for your retirement, you should also know how to withdraw. Here we deal with what is annuity, what are the methods of creating annuities, what options are available and the works about annuity.

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