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Ravipar by Gulzar

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This is a collection of short stories by the internationally famous, Guljar, who is not only an author but is a poet and director too. The stories written by him are very exclusive. Each is a cultured pearl with its own shine and lustre. He uses words miserly, but each word is full of meanings presenting the situations likewise. His style not only elaborates an incident but it also goes beyond it and describes the psychological state of mind at the time. Each of his stories has the capacity to seek international recognition. He presents the perfect picture of the story with its background and the dialogues touch the core of our heart. Untraditional ways of writing and picturesque style are the characteristics of Guljar`s. Very honestly and sensitively, he presents us with the truth and facts of life. His stories have all the touches; sadness, seriousness, humourous, sarcastic,They all make us aware of Guljar as a person with a balanced mind and thoughts, with a very understanding nature, full of compassion, fragrance and a never-ending freshness.

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