Rangpanchami by  V P Kale (vapu)

Rangpanchami by V P Kale (vapu)

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Rangpanchami, festival of colours, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm, a variety of colour are used to play this festival. Throughout our life, we come across people, no one resembles other, everyone is different, everyone is special, everyone is the one and only. People meet us at every mode and corner of life. They brighten our life, they add colours to our life, they help our life to blossom, each bringing in a different shade of colour, every shade different yet beautiful. The shades have a great variety, they reveal all the feelings a human mind possesses; sorrow, happiness, depression, enthusiasm, wisdom and foolishness too. Va Pu`s life was full of these colours like any other common man, but he had a very sensitive mind, he was able to see the difference in the shades, to put them into words, to use them to enlighten some dark and gloomy moments, to make them last forever. When we see the colours in the light that he has presented them with, we feel that "yes, this has happened in my life too,` then what is special about them? It is Va Pu`s Midas touch that has made every moment so memorable, at the same time, making us think over life. And what does this great author think about "Rangpanchami`? Let us read it in his own words. "This writing is by a common man, just like you, but the one who has always loved other human beings for what they are. This common man came across with many others; some loved him immensely, showering him with their affection, widening the horizons of his understanding. I was blessed with many things, I received a lot, but have given so less in return. Once you set for a journey can you count the number of trees on your way? You all must have seen the common man presented by R. K. Laxman, I am just like him. I lived a life of a common man, and penned down what I came across throughout this journey. Actually, I have not reached anywhere or achieved anything today, the credit goes to those who have read me throughout these years and have made me what I am today. Actually, I have adopted a lot from all and have simply presented it to you as mine. Do you remember that when we stand in the great river Ganga, we fill our hands with its sacred water and offer it back to her, I have followed the same pattern. I have enjoyed each moment of life throughout this journey. I have been coloured in so many colours of life that now it is very difficult to find out my original colour. This book is the sample of some of those colours, which I have enjoyed so much, so far.

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