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Rang Aani Gandh by V S Khandekar

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“It is the unmentioned rule that problems that any human has would never end forever. Even though we feel that we have been able to solve the problems today, we hardly realise that they end up in to another problems.” “Human life is basically nothing but a constant duel. I cannot avoid the bitter truth that every moment our emotions battle with lust, conscience with thoughts and eternal with temporary. I also agree to the fact that it is important to teach a few things related to daily chaos of living to those people who seem to be forever lost in praising the god and the power of self. At the same time, it is true that a human life cannot be fulfilled with only virtues or for that matter only by eating food or satisfying the other needs. The human body is in itself a combination of materialism and spirituality. If at all we try to reduce one part in an attempt to extend the other then we as humans will never be able to reduce our sorrows and gain eternal bliss. Maintaining a balance between body and soul, poetry and philosophy, greed and religious good, materialism and spirituality is the basic and most important need of a human mind and our living as well.

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