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Ranagandhala By Ratnakar Matkari

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All of a sudden, he got up in the middle of the night as he heard some prominent sound as if some glass broke somewhere. He searched the room to find the origin of the sound. When he realised that the sound was of the door bolt, he was shocked. He remembered that he had bolted the door securely but now the bolt had come off automatically. The door started opening slowly, again automatically. Jagannath was confined to the place where he was, there was a very old man standing at the door. He was totally bald, not even a single hair on his abnormally long head. His face was over wrinkled. The high cheek bones were very prominent. His body resembled a skeleton. But his eyes, they were sparkling as if like fire. The old man looked intently at Jagannath. Jagannath screamed loudly, but to his surprise no voice came out. The old man gestured him to follow him. Jagannath started walking. He did not want to but he had lost all control over his will power. He wanted to gather all his strength, he wanted to run away, but his legs were not obeying his mind. Where were the two leading? Ratnakar Matkari takes his readers to a novel place, totally different from the usual sights; he takes them to an unknown destination; to a fearsome, mystic, anonymous land. The readers are equally thrilled. They keep on reading page after page hauntingly.The stories here will surely hypnotize the young readers.

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