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Ramana Maharshi by K. Swaminathan

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There are four fascinating parts to this book. The first contains insightful writings by many devotees who had personal contact with the Maharshi and received his grace. The second provides thirteen intimate accounts of those fortunate souls -- women devotees, in particular -- who lived and served alongside the Master, receiving invaluable spiritual guidance and practical counsel for daily living. These memorable stories can be read repeatedly with enduring delight.

The third part consists of offerings by sincere devotees, many of whom had not met the Master physically, but had otherwise imbued direct guidance and inspiration from him. They are a pointed reminder of how the power of the Master's personality continues to shine through those who turn to him with sincerity and faith.

The fourth and final part lays out a concise outline of the town of Tiruvannamalai, the great temple, the holy Arunachala Hill, ancient festivals of the town, places of interest nearby, Sri Ramanasramam and its activities and other points of interest to all visitors to this holy place of pilgrimage. Although written for this publication 30 years ago by a prominent devotee, the descriptions remain perfectly relevant today.

Interspersed throughout this volume are numerous 'fillers', uplifting quotations and revelatory selections of the Maharshi's teachings, which provide spiritual nourishment to all who contemplate their meaning.

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