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Pune Te Pantapradhananche Karyalaya by B.G. Deshmukh

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During the reign of Indira Gandhi, scandals like the Bofors were born. Later, to gain money for the Congress Party, Sanjay Gandhi modified this. Neither Rajiv Gandhi nor any of his family members took commission in any form during Bofors, but at the same time, it is true that they were not ready to reveal the names of persons involved in this scandal of which they were aware of. May be the persons involved were either members of Congress or relatives or very close friends of the Gandhi family. Were they aware of these names before the Bofors agreement or after the agreement? Prime Minister V.P. Singh had assured that the reservation strategy will not be played in the education systems, army, security forces, and the promotions in Government services, but this assurance did not cool down the anti-reservation movement. Revenue Minister Mishra had informed Prime Minister that "tonight, the hypocrite Chandraswami is landing in India`. The Prime Minister was not very happy to hear this, so I concluded that this news will reach Chandraswami and then he will cancel his coming back to India. That is what happened at the end. I guessed that very soon Mishra will be transferred.

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