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Pruthvivar Manus Uparach by Sureshchandra Nadkarni

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God are literally the astronauts in the spaceships. Thousands of years back they reached the earth, created a new species and named it `human being.` After that they started modifying this process by reappearing on the earth after every 37 thousand years. During every visit, they take away the evils and leave back the good ones. Eric Von Danicane was a scientist who had sacrificed himself for finding the Gods. He struggled hard, he roamed through various nations, he went through the gullies and alleys all over the world to find about the existence of God. In this attempt the multi - millionaire Eric lost all his property. When he published his work based on the search of God, he again was became into a multimillionaire. Still, he could not find out the perfect solution revealing the secret of formation of human being. Dr. Sureshchandra Nadkarni has been a professor of Zoology in Wadia College and Pune University. He has presented before us the attempts of Eric Von Danicane in a very illustrative and entertaining manner.

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