Pratiksha by Ranjeet Desai

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Young Milind sets out in search of something. What is it? He does not know what is he looking for till he comes across it. "Pratiksha` is a novel based on the waiting. "Milind, every single human being is scared of being introspective. We can look at the sorrow in others life without any concern, we can remain aloof while doing so, but when we are asked to judge ourselves, to examine our feelings, then we are tremendously hurt. We are agonized by our own sorrow. We can very easily hurt others, but we are ever tender towards ourselves. Why so? Just one reason... we have no faith in our lives. All these years when we live, we do it unfaithfully. Everything we do is with one sole purpose, tremendous selfishness. We come alone and pass alone, still throughout our lives we continuously need company, though we know that nothing lasts forever we count on company. We search for it. Though life is transient we look for everlasting company trying to keep us safe. You gain something only when you offer something. Sometimes, you have to offer yourself to find something which is eternal. Unless, this is done you cannot find tranquility and each one has to find on his own...`

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