Power system protection and switchgear  by B Ravindranath

Power system protection and switchgear by B Ravindranath

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Intended both for an undergraduate course on switchgear and protection for electrical engineering students and a postgraduate course on the same subject for electrical power system engineering students, this book presents an integrated approach in the field of protection as well as in circuit breaking. Generalised mathematical equation of a comparator has been developed and from this characteristic of different types of relays are derived. Schemes of protection have been described later in the text. For the first time sufficient coverage has been given to the fast coming up static relays. Circuit breaker effort and circuit severity, a useful concept in determining successful operation of the breaker, has been developed. A comprehensive study of recent developments in circuit breakers has been included. The book has been tailored to suit the Indian university students. It will also be found useful by practising engineers engaged in power system protection work. It contains illustrative examples wherever necessary to bring home the application of theoretical principles. An exhaustive bibliography is provided chapterwise to enable the more advanced students to look up the original sources.

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