Pleasure Box Bhag 2 by  V P Kale (vapu)

Pleasure Box Bhag 2 by V P Kale (vapu)

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What has exclusively been excluded from the Pleasure Box, Is noticeable, The letters which are full only of praises, Are not published, This is not a trunk full of letters wishing well-being, This is a dialogue, Of course, some lines do relate to opening statements enquiring about each other. Still, it has to be kept in mind that this correspondence through letter has been established with a purpose. It aims at knowing the likes and dislikes of each other. Yet, we have edited a lot from each of the letter sent by the readers. At times, the readers are too elaborative while praising which often makes the receiver awkward. On the other hand, this hampers the dialogues. The letters which helped to further establish communication were selected.

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