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Phule Ani Kate by V S Khandekar

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This book includes critics by Khandekar. The author critically comments on the literature and its characteristic features. He comments on others` as well as his own literature. Basically, Khandekar was a creative litterateur. The pure nobility, innovative and alert mind, sensitiveness, pondering ability, appreciativeness and a flare for writing were some of his distinguishing features. They were reflected more properly in his short essays. The litterateur that time, considered short essays and essays as same, Khandekar`s qualities are seen throughout these collection. Every single page of this book relfects all his qualities well, be it the criticism of N. C. Kelkar`s humour or a poem by B. R. Tambe. He never forgets his responsibilities as a writer. He explains each form from all aspects. These articles also review his love for life, its eternal beauty. All his articles are sure to cast a magical spell on the readers.

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