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Phera by Taslima Nasreen

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Kalyani was born in this undivided nation. India succeeded in driving away the British, but at the cost of its division. Why did the Hindu go out of their own country while sending away the Muslims forever from it? This land never became the motherland of the Muslims, it always remained the motherland of the Bengalis. This nation was raised from the blood of 30 million people. The war against Pakistan in the year 1971 taught a lesson to that country who divided India, who made Bangladesh the motherland of the Muslims, who was so treacherous that many had to leave their motherland. The war brought forward the truth; This country is of Bengalis, not of Muslims. The language is important here, not the religion. Kalyani felt like stopping the rickshaw at once. She wanted to show away the soil sticking all over her body. The love for it was not going to allow her to love any other land now. Man loves only one soil, it is so obvious. Kalyani has come to her motherland. She wants to feel the soil, smell it She was born from that soil, she was not born from any womb…..

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