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Phashi Bakhal by Ratnakar Matkari

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mind was eating him inwardly. How did he allow the other person to die? How did he help the other person to hang himself to death? He was terribly upset about this. The moment his eyes saw a rope in any form he used to remember everything. Automatically and uncontrollably his hands used to start knotting the rope. He knew that he was behaving very unwisely, but he could not control himself. Every single piece of rope was bringing back the dreadful memory. The house was full of ropes of all sizes at all places. The curtain had a rope, the churner had a rope, the well in the backyard also had a rope. It was strong and very thick. While tying it to the bucket he always remembered that day. His mind used to shatter. He used to leave the rope and the bucket dangling into the well, as if hanged till death. Matkari has always succeeded in giving human touches to his abstruse stories.

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