Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters by  Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

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Percy Jackson, who is now a seventh grader, experiences yet another adventure as a demigod in The Sea of Monsters. The book is part of the series of books describing the adventures of Percy Jackson. In this book he need to cross the sea of monsters in order to save his camp from being attacked.

Summary of the Book

Percy is in his 7th grade at New York prep school campus. What surprises him is that there has been no attack by a monster just as yet. Then one day, when the Percy and his classmates are playing an innocent game of dodge ball, they are attacked by the extremely fierce cannibal giants. He also receives bad news from his friend Annabeth who says that the magical borders of Camp Half Blood has been poisoned by one of their enemies, and if the cure for it is not found then the only safe place for the demigods will be lost. He need to cross the Sea of Monsters if he has to save their land and people.
In the meantime, he also discovers a new secret about his family which makes him consider what he must really think of about being the son of the powerful water God Poseidon.

About the Author

Rick Riordan is an American author who is best known for writing Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. He graduated from the University of Texas, and taught English and Social Studies at the Presidio High School in San Francisco.

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