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Pawsaadhicha Paus by Shanta Shelke

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Shantabai has a quality of gauging the depths of minds. She does it very casually. `Nisargakade Parat` shows us a different aspect to look at our life. `Bhulbhulayya` makes us realise that sometimes it is very difficult to understand the behaviour, to know the difference between truth and illusion. `Gulab, Kate, aani Kalya` help us to notice that in daytoday life, we very easily and conveniently change our thorny nature. `Warkoholic` explains that sometimes working continuously and dedicatedly becomes a major problem. `Manatala Killa` reveals the truth that sometimes freedom is unwanted. `Olakh` teaches us to face small defeats and truths. `Chorbajar` is based on the facts of life. Through all the stories, the author has succeeded in showing various surprising aspects of life, exposing us to the naked truths.

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