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Pasang by Daya Pawar

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what is mean by Pasang ? `Paasang` in Marathi has a definite meaning. It is actually the small weight which balances between the two sides of a weighing scale. Generally, it is used to show the minuteness of a thing. I was involved in Ambedkar Movement since my young age. I have come across this word during that period saying that, the movement of dalit`s is very weak and the place they have in politics is just negligible, it is just equivalent to `paasang`. This clearly reveals that dalits` existence is just to balance the two sides of the weighing scale. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar believed that politically the presence of dalit will balance the society. Through this book I am trying to find out the ignored incidents or persons of this society. Some of them have supported the dalits for sure, but at the same time it is a fact that some of them have pressurized the movements of dalit, have attacked them vigorously.

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